Michigan Law Protects Social Media Privacy

Last week, Michigan joined the growing number of states to enforce a social media privacy law. Like similar legislation in California and Maryland, it will now be a lot harder for employers and educators to gain access to employees’ or students’ social media accounts. Governor Rick Snyder signed the legislation, which prohibits educators or employers from asking for usernames or passwords, into law on Friday. Sarah Wolfe’s article “Michigan Social Media Privacy Law Signed By Governor” has more details.

Social Media Privacy Bills Signed, Tweets Gov. Jerry Brown.

Governor Jerry Brown very appropriately tweeted that he had signed the social media privacy bills. He later followed up with a press release. The Los Angeles Times online version carried the story “Gov. Jerry Brown Tweets That He Signed Social Media Privacy Bills.”

Social Media and Law School

Thinking about applying to law school? Social media can help or hurt your chances of getting in. Shawn P. O’Connor provides some useful tips in “Use Social Media to Get Into Law School.”

Education Will Create a “Safer” Internet

There has been a lot in the new lately about legislation restricting sex offenders from using social media, but it is still important that children are educated about using social media sites.  Drishyia Nair’s article “Educate Children About Social Media Traps” outlines some of these issues.


Schools in Massachusetts Struggle to Incorporate Social Media

Here’s an article by Kathy McCabe detailing the concerns in Massachusetts schools over how to incorporate Social Media. Privacy issues, keeping abreast of technology, and the Children’s Internet Safety Act are all concerns as they struggle to put policies in place.

“School Districts Consider Social Media Policy.”