Michigan Law Protects Social Media Privacy

Last week, Michigan joined the growing number of states to enforce a social media privacy law. Like similar legislation in California and Maryland, it will now be a lot harder for employers and educators to gain access to employees’ or students’ social media accounts. Governor Rick Snyder signed the legislation, which prohibits educators or employers from asking for usernames or passwords, into law on Friday. Sarah Wolfe’s article “Michigan Social Media Privacy Law Signed By Governor” has more details.

Patrolling Social Media

Police in Michigan are refining and increasing how they use social media to solve and prevent crimes. Cecil Angel writes about how “Michigan Police Use Facebook, Twitter to Catch Crooks.” Michigan police are using social media to track down criminals, but they are also using it proactively to reach out to the public and to detect and prevent crime before in can happen.

Facebook and a Legal Career

Here are two more cautionary tales about mixing social media, specifically Facebook, with your legal career. Tom Gantert writes that Michigan’s “State Bar Urges Caution with Social Media,” and the Kentucky Law Review also reports on a timely case: “Facebook Spoliation Costs [Virginia] Lawyer $522,000; Ends His Legal Career.”