10 Social Media Scuffles from 2012

What would the end of the year and the start of a new one be without the seemingly never-ending lists of the top stories from the previous year. There was a lot of jockeying for position among the major players last year. Jolie O’Dell provides a list of the top ten rivalries in “Social Media Fight Club! Top Tiffs from 2012.” While the focus here is not overtly legal in most cases, the article does help to paint a picture of how the social media landscape is looking going into 2013.

Make Sure Your Mobile App Is FTC Regulation Compliant

It’s easier than ever to make sure that your new Mobile App is compliant with Federal Trade Commission regulations on truth-in-advertising and privacy. The FTC has published a guide, Marketing Your Mobile App: Get It Right From the Start, to help developers. You can find the guide at the FTC website and the Bureau of Consumer Protection also provides a breakdown of the guide on their website.

Delaware Law Protects Student Privacy

Both public and private schools in Delaware are now subject to a law which prohibits them from requiring students to surrender their social media passwords. California and Maryland are debating similar legislation to protect student privacy. Neha Prakash discusses the issues in “Delaware Law to Give Students Increased Online Privacy.”

Social Media Explodes Over Health Care Ruling

Ever wonder what your clients are thinking or saying about a particular issue? Social media makes it easy to find out as proven by the number of tweets, posts, blogs, etc that were devoted to Thursday’s Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act. Naturally, it’s helpful to know how your clients feel about certain issues, but it’s also good to know how they are expressing themselves. Deanne Katz’s article, “Everyone Has a Social Media Opinion on the Health Care Ruling,” examines some of those comments.

Regulated Companies Face Challenges with Social Media

Regulated companies face additional challenges when incorporating social media into their communications network. Bloomberg BNA will hold a special online educational forum this week to address many of these quickly changing challenges. They envision the program as being valuable for attorneys and senior executives. To learn more, follow the link.

Patrolling Social Media

Police in Michigan are refining and increasing how they use social media to solve and prevent crimes. Cecil Angel writes about how “Michigan Police Use Facebook, Twitter to Catch Crooks.” Michigan police are using social media to track down criminals, but they are also using it proactively to reach out to the public and to detect and prevent crime before in can happen.

Online Defamation an Evolving Issue

The rules for online defamation may be a matter for individual courts to determine according to “Online Defamation: Is it Any Different?” by Steven Price. Like many issues in cyberspace, defamation is still being defined and refined in the online environment.

Video Privacy Protection Act Stands Between Partnership of Facebook and Netflix

The 1988 Video Privacy Protection Act is preventing what will no doubt be a very lucrative link between Netflix and Facebook. The law pre-dates today’s internet technology and needs to be updated, but there are still privacy concerns that need to be addressed. Eric Engleman explores the issues in “Netflix-Facebook Link Stalls as Bork Law Unchanged.”

A Discussion of Social Ownership

We’ve featured a few articles now on the contentious issue of who owns your social media contacts. Jonathan Barrick has some useful comments on “Who Owns the Account? Navigating the Minefield of Social Ownership.” The article provides tips on how to assess the issue when part of your job responsibility includes maintaining a social media presence.

Social Media Has Revolutionized How Businesses Market Themselves

Social Media’s influence in marketing is only going to continue to grow. Social media offers an excellent way for marketers to connect with consumers and allows for fairly easy tracking of that contact. Lewis Humphries looks at “The Power of Social Media: Influencing Trading and the Markets.”