10 Social Media Scuffles from 2012

What would the end of the year and the start of a new one be without the seemingly never-ending lists of the top stories from the previous year. There was a lot of jockeying for position among the major players last year. Jolie O’Dell provides a list of the top ten rivalries in “Social Media Fight Club! Top Tiffs from 2012.” While the focus here is not overtly legal in most cases, the article does help to paint a picture of how the social media landscape is looking going into 2013.

Is Your Data Secure in the Cloud?

With more and more businesses and individuals turning to the cloud for data storage, it is more important than ever to insure that that data is secure. Peter Cochrane’s article, “Cloud Security: Why the Future’s Bright – But Not If You’re On the Dark Side”, offers some tips to increase your security.

Delaware Law Protects Student Privacy

Both public and private schools in Delaware are now subject to a law which prohibits them from requiring students to surrender their social media passwords. California and Maryland are debating similar legislation to protect student privacy. Neha Prakash discusses the issues in “Delaware Law to Give Students Increased Online Privacy.”

New Law in Maryland Aims to Protect Passwords

A new law in Maryland will protect employees from having to disclose passwords to employers. The new law is likely to be followed by a similar one in California and Senate has a bill- the  Password Protection Act 2012. Thomas Bartlet’s article “Online Privacy Laws Can Cause Discovery Woes,” looks at why too much information in Discovery is neither helping the system nor individuals.

Video Privacy Protection Act Stands Between Partnership of Facebook and Netflix

The 1988 Video Privacy Protection Act is preventing what will no doubt be a very lucrative link between Netflix and Facebook. The law pre-dates today’s internet technology and needs to be updated, but there are still privacy concerns that need to be addressed. Eric Engleman explores the issues in “Netflix-Facebook Link Stalls as Bork Law Unchanged.”

Social Media and the First Amendment

Here’s an interesting article examining the role of social media in coordinating crowds and the implications for First Amendment protections.

By Noah Feldman, “Twitter Can Start a Party but Can’t Keep It Going.”

Do You Know What Rights You Have to Privacy?

Here’s a great article by Derrick Harris about the right to privacy, social media, and why we should care.

“Now’s the Time for a Web 3.0 Right to Privacy.”

What’s New in IT: DEMO Conference in Santa Clara, CA.

Here’s a report on Day 2 of the Demo Conference that took place this last week in Santa Clara, California. The bi-annual event showcases all that is new in social and media and mobile spaces.

“DEMO Fall 2011 Conference: Day Two in Santa Clara Features Innovative Technologies, Expert Insights.”