10 Social Media Scuffles from 2012

What would the end of the year and the start of a new one be without the seemingly never-ending lists of the top stories from the previous year. There was a lot of jockeying for position among the major players last year. Jolie O’Dell provides a list of the top ten rivalries in “Social Media Fight Club! Top Tiffs from 2012.” While the focus here is not overtly legal in most cases, the article does help to paint a picture of how the social media landscape is looking going into 2013.

Can I Post This Picture?

Pinterest is one of the hottest new social media sites and has introduced another slew of questions about its legality. Copyright in particular has been a contentious issue with the picture dependent site. Andrew Mirsky provides a thorough look at the legal issues involved, including images of famous people, copyright – fair use – and trademark. In addition his article “Pinterest: Fair Use of Images, Building Communities, Fan Pages, Copyright” also provides some guidelines in going ahead with a Pinterest account.

Tips For Advertising on Social Media

If you use social media for advertising, there are some legal issues that you should be aware of. Some users of social media like Pinterest may not realize that their posts could be construed as advertising. These users can also benefit from this quick primer of do’s and don’ts from Jennifer L Gregor: “Prevent Advertising Legal Errors in Social Media.”

Pinterest and Copyright

Pinterest is the hot new social networking site that allows users to “pin” pictures in a series of “albums” that they create. Pictures can be taken from one’s own personal library or from anywhere – almost – on the internet. Numerous questions about the copyright legality of this practice have lead to sites like Flickr, Yahoo and Facebook adopting Pinterest’s “kill switch” which disables users ability to pin pictures from those sites. Christopher Mims explores “The Genius of Pinterest’s Copyright Dodge.” And here are three articles on how Flickr is responding:

*David Murphy “Flickr Adopts Pinterest ‘Kill Switch’ to Prevent Photo Sharing.”

*Jennifer Van Grove “Flickr Disables Pinterest Pins on Copyrighted Images.”

*Dylan Love “Flickr Is Fighting Copyright Theft On Pinterest.”